Turning two with this forever gorg girl in my eyes! My fave subject at owl times & who’s been keeping pace with my intense mood swings lately 😦


I’m not sure when my anxiety symptoms started but all I know is that I’ve been a slave of this strange, bothering feeling for quite some time already. My motion sickness got worsen and I’m having occasional palpitations and tightening of chest. I’m even struggling to keep up with things I used to like doing, like blogging, to the extent that I feel like I’m just faking everything. Worst is, I could stay awake the whole night and sleep all the day long –if only I don’t have a wife who might be starving at that moment.

But thank God, I feel better now. Here’s a list of what I did today that possible contributed to having a positive mood:

  • 30-minute talk with my classmate back home
  • 1 km / 5,683 steps, the longest I did
  • 2-hour playing same song, ‘Lost on You’ by LP
  • 17-min Whatsapp convo with my sister
  • A couple of minutes’ chat convo with my mom
  • Gave a bunch of hugs and kisses and talked a bit in Deutsche to the wife
  • Closed a client deal
  • Browse through our old photos together

What do you do to fight off stress/anxieties?

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